A Matter of Faith by Raven McAllan #guestblogger #ravenmcallan

27 Jul

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Love, Lust, and Laptops

I always considered I was an easy going, glass full, take me as I/you/we are sort of person. Even tempered and laid back.

Er no, evidently not.

I was sitting in a rather nice pub beer garden, when three shall we call them well groomed 40-50-ish women came out and sat opposite. Bottle of wine, glasses. And preening.

You know (bitch alert here) long flowing perfectly coiffured blond (highlighted?) tresses, sunnies pushed on top of those aforementioned tresses, and jewelry. Lots of jewelry. One of them swung round and nearly hit a barman in the eye with her pendant.


Now maybe I was already on the defensive, I mean toned, honed, and well, why don’t I look like that? Answer, I don’t tone, don’t hone and aren’t 40-50-ish, but so what? Snigger
I would have just looked on, felt envious, and forgotten about them, as at this point DH…

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