rise to the occasion… #contemporary #romance @RavenMcAllan @evernightpub

24 May

rise to the occasion… #contemporary #romance @RavenMcAllan @evernightpub.


A Place Where Secrets Are Shared

4 Jun

I went a visiting 🙂

Jessica Jayne

I’m giddy with glee because I have Raven McAllan on my blog today and well, she’s just so fantastic! She’s here to introduce us to her new Totally Bound series – Diomhair – and the first book entitled Secrets Shared. Take it away, Raven!

Thanks for letting me ‘borrow’ your blog today Jessica.

I’m really excited about this series. Diomhair. It’s Gaelic for Secret and according to my Gaelic speaking friend you pronounce it ‘Jeever’.

Diomhair is a renovated Scottish Castle set somewhere not too many miles from the ‘central belt’, and on the edge of the highlands. There’s actually a ruined castle near where I live that was my inspiration for the castle after it burned down years before the story starts.


Jess and her twin Jeff, are co-owners, except Jess has no idea what it’s used for…

Secret. What’s happens there stays there.

It doesn’t matter whether…

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May Picture Capture!

1 Jun

What a fantastic mix of thoughts and ideas. all from one picture…

Lori King Books

Capturing the moment is every authors goal. We want to express emotions so clearly that the reader’s impacted when they put the book down. So I’ve brought you a collection of authors who are all using the exact same photograph to inspire a short scene. They are capturing the picture with their words.  

As always you’re welcome to give it a go and post your story scene in the comments, in fact, I encourage you to try it! Here’s how to do it…

This months picture prompt

www.123rf.com http://www.123rf.com

Use the prompt to write a 350 word scene.

No limitations.

No restrictions.

Let your imagination go wild.

Alongside every entry, is the authors contact links, and most recent book cover.

If you like what they did, please leave a comment or even better, buy a book!

So, here is what the authors came up with this month….


Jade Belfry

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#MeetandGreetMonday with Raven McAllan #Romance

12 May

I’m chatting…

Kacey's Kreations

MGMondays Good morning. It’s Meet and Greet Monday!

With us today is Romance Author, Raven McAllan.

Welcome, Raven!
Describe a typical day in the life of Raven McAllan.
Nothing typical I guess. It all depends where I am. At home on a weekday I walk, then make coffee, shove the washing machine on and write. Around 4pm I realize I’ve forgotten to sort dinner, eat lunch, set the fire, unload the washer etc etc. Weekends its DH time. On holiday I get up early and write for an hour before DH gets up and we enjoy our relaxation time together.

Tell us, what’s the first thought that comes to your head when you read the following words…
Romance …
Licorice … Damn it it has gluten in it, so it’s a do not eat food.
Vacation …Sun
Thor …Thunder
Tulips …Amsterdam. ( I was there a few…

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30 Apr


A Matter of Faith by Raven McAllan #guestblogger #ravenmcallan

27 Jul

would love you to visit

Love, Lust, and Laptops

I always considered I was an easy going, glass full, take me as I/you/we are sort of person. Even tempered and laid back.

Er no, evidently not.

I was sitting in a rather nice pub beer garden, when three shall we call them well groomed 40-50-ish women came out and sat opposite. Bottle of wine, glasses. And preening.

You know (bitch alert here) long flowing perfectly coiffured blond (highlighted?) tresses, sunnies pushed on top of those aforementioned tresses, and jewelry. Lots of jewelry. One of them swung round and nearly hit a barman in the eye with her pendant.


Now maybe I was already on the defensive, I mean toned, honed, and well, why don’t I look like that? Answer, I don’t tone, don’t hone and aren’t 40-50-ish, but so what? Snigger
I would have just looked on, felt envious, and forgotten about them, as at this point DH…

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Hello world!

29 May

Welcome to WordPress.com! This is your very first post. Click the Edit link to modify or delete it, or start a new post. If you like, use this post to tell readers why you started this blog and what you plan to do with it.

Happy blogging!